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Award winning author

Holly Brandon


Winner of Readers’ Favorite Five Star

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“A spellbinding finale that masterfully weaves romance, comedy, and supernatural mystery—‘Never Lost’ is the unforgettable conclusion you’ve been waiting for.”

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Award Winning Author, Love Story Extraordinaire 

Holly Brandon is an engineer-turned fiction writer. With a lifetime of adventurous love stories, Brandon began her series of books based on real-life experiences. Brandon holds a Ph.D., M.S., and B.S. in Civil Engineering from UCLA and USC. Prior to her fiction novels, she was best known for her published works in the Journal of Earthquakes, Earthquake Engineering, and Engineering Vibrations and Earthquake Science. When she isn’t writing, Brandon enjoys tennis, golf, reading, and spending time with family and friends.


“This whole email courtship is madness. I may be 100 percent cuckoo, but shouldn’t I at least be deliriously happy that he’s flying 5,659 miles to see me, instead of pacing around my room like a nervous wreck? Confession: I’ve been basking in the idea of him. But now that he’s just minutes away from touching down in Los Angeles, and his name doesn’t start with L, I have this gnawing intuitive feeling that something’s not quite kosher. It’s like that funny feeling you get when you get scared, and your hair on your arms stands on end.”


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The Series
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'Chastity Ann “Chase” Morgan is on the precipice of getting everything she has ever wanted until a stranger cuts in on her first dance at her grandmother’s anniversary party...'


Never Lost
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A Los Angeles based fiction writer, Holly has won several accolades and awards that contribute to her success

When Holly Brandon broke free from her analytical life to produce Life in the Chastity Zone, she had no idea that her dream of a fiction writer would become a reality. Civil Engineer turned author, the accolades she received from Life in the Chastity Zone, the first in the adventures of Chastity (Chase) Morgan series, have confirmed she made the perfect career transition.


Upon completion of her second book of the series entitled, “Nothing’s As It Seems”, Brandon continues to regale readers with Chastity Morgan’s often-zany adventures. Unbelievable as it may appear, many of the scenes in “Life in the Chastity Zone” and “Nothing’s As It Seems” are based on true-life experiences. Holly invites readers to follow Chastity on her crazy and hilarious adventures in her search for love and happiness.



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Never Lost

By Holly Brandon 

Chastity Ann “Chase” Morgan is on the precipice of getting everything she has ever wanted until a stranger cuts in on her first dance at her grandmother’s anniversary party, and an earthquake wreaks havoc on the momentous event. Still, these incidents are just the beginnings of even more weirdness as family secrets intensify and come to a head.

Tragedy strikes, catapulting Chase and her family on an unforgettable journey to New Orleans smack dab in the middle of Mardi Gras. A mysterious encounter with a fortune teller on Bourbon Street describes a hard-to-believe past ascribed to Chase. Since Chastity has never been to New Orleans, she considers the fortune teller’s words “a remote impossibility.” Even stranger are the vivid and recurrent dreams about letters and journal entries she never wrote, recollections of clandestine details never disclosed to family members, and an encounter with a ghost who seeks her help. When her ten-year-old psychic neighbor determines to help Chase solve the myriad of clues, Chase has no idea her little friend will lead her to the biggest mystery of them all.

Hold on to the edge of your seat on this journey of self-discovery as Multi Award-Winning Author Holly Brandon unfolds Chase’s unforgettable story, warring between romantic ideals and her unthinkable real-life encounters in Never Lost, the final installment in the romantic comedy series, The Chastity Series, about love, determination, and the strength of moving forward.

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